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Why Mold Remediation By Professionals Is Important

Mold is a common, but significant issue in residential, business, or industrial construction. Although it can be tempting to handle the issue yourself, trying to save money by not hiring professionals will cost you considerably more later.


An issue that can make mold remediation harder is the ability to contain the mold. Just because the mold growth is located in a single area does not mean the spores stay in one place. Mold spores can be carried elsewhere through the HVAC system, open doors or windows, and by people and pets. To contain the area, any sources of wind or movement of air must be sealed and/or turned off. This includes sealing windows and doors as much as possible. The air vents will also need to be closed and sealed.

Protective Gear

Protective clothing not only minimizes the chance of coming into direct contact with the mold, but it makes it easier to remove contaminated items when leaving the containment area. Professionals may use a range of gear, such as disposable paper "bunny" suits, gloves, goggles, disposable shoe covers, and masks. The masks professionals use are typically respirators. Wearing disposable items also makes it easier to simply remove the protective wear after stepping outside the containment area and placing them in a trash bag. Contaminated protective wear may need to be disposed of in a specific way and not in the regular trash. 

Removal And Cleaning

Contaminated material must be cleaned or thrown away. Some items are not salvageable, such as most furniture, carpets, rugs, and surfaces that are considered porous. Since porous surfaces can soak up contaminants, some are impossible to thoroughly clean. All the remaining items will need to be cleaned with a special product containing bleach. Areas of visible mold will need to be scrubbed. Since all the porous surfaces have been removed, there is no risk of cleaning a surface only for mold to reappear because it was located deep within the surface.

Part of the cleaning process entails cleaning mold spores out of the air and making the area inhospitable to mold regrowth. A HEPA filter is an effective way to remove mold spores from the air. The underlying cause of mold growth must be eliminated. Often the cause is leaks and high humidity. Fixing or replacing areas of leaking and using dehumidification should make the environment undesirable to mold. After the place is thoroughly cleaned and the underlying cause of mold growth has been fixed, repairing the area can start.

Mold remediation is a complicated and time-consuming task, not only to remove the mold and possible spores but to prevent mold from regrowing. Cutting corners by not hiring professionals will cost you more later when the mold regrows.

Contact a local mold removal service to learn more.