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Mold Questions You May Have After A Flooding Incident

When your house floods, there are a few immediate concerns. One of these concerns is bacterial contamination, which will generally be addressed by a water mitigation team. Then, once the bulk water has been removed, you need to worry about mold growth. Even if your surfaces are just a tiny bit moist, post-flood conditions tend to be perfect for mold growth. Hiring a mold removal company is generally the best way to identify and remove this mold. Here are a few questions you might have about that process and about mold in general.

Do you still need to be worried about mold if you don't see any?

If you walk through the home a few days post-flooding and don't see any mold, you might figure you don't need mold remediation. But unfortunately, mold can grow for days or weeks before it actually becomes visible to the naked eye. The growth also tends to start in dark areas, such as between your walls. If your home has been wet for a few days, it's safe to assume there is mold that needs to be removed, even if it's not visually obvious.

If you see black mold, does the home have to be condemned?

In most cases, the short answer to this question is "no." There is one specific type of black mold which, if present in a home, can lead to very serious illness. Homes with this kind of mold are sometimes condemned. However, most types of black mold are not the black mold — Stachybotrys — that people are worried about. Most types of black mold can be effectively removed from your home, making it a safe place to live once again.

What if you see mildew in the home?

The term mildew is usually used to refer to the sort of white, powdery fungus that grows on surfaces after they become wet. But really, mildew is just a type of mold. It's not an overly dangerous type of mold, but it is still mold and can cause allergies and respiratory issues for many people. So, if you see mildew in your home after flooding, this is something to bring to your mold remediation team's attention.

After a flooding incident, mold growth in a home is almost guaranteed, particularly if you don't do anything to dry the home out. Call a mold removal team ASAP, and let them take the helm.