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Restoring Your Building Following Major Water Damage

Despite water damage being a common problem that many people will experience with their buildings, there can be a lack of awareness or accurate information that will make it difficult for these people to oversee the necessary repairs to restore the condition of their property.

The Water Does Not Have To Be Deep To Cause Major Damage To The Building's Interior

An especially common assumption that people will have about water damage is that it is only necessary to arrange for major repairs in situations where the water in the structure was fairly deep. In reality, an inch or less of water can be more than enough to cause substantial damage to the interior of the building. Unfortunately, people that assume large amounts of water have to be in the building to contribute to these problems may not act as quickly as needed to minimize secondary damages and other problems from the water intrusion. This is especially likely when the water has had ample time to soak deep into the floors and walls as this could lead to mold, rot and even electrical problems for the building.

The Water Damaged Areas Can Be Extremely Hazardous

In addition to recognizing the threat that water intrusions can pose to your building's interior, it is also important to appreciate the particular threats that they can pose to you as well. This is especially common when the water contained sewage, chemicals or other hazardous substances as exposure to these contaminants can lead to significant health problems. In cases where there was particularly deep water inside the building, there may be structural issues that could make the building less stable for those inside it. Avoiding these areas until a water damage restoration service has performed an assessment can help to keep you safe from these significant hazards.

Insurance Coverage For Water Damage May Be Somewhat Complicated

Not surprisingly, individuals will often need their insurance coverage to pay for the damages that the water intrusion caused to their buildings. Unfortunately, the rules concerning water damage and flooding coverage can vary greatly. In situations where the water damage was the result of flash flooding, hurricanes, or other major weather events, the insurance may not cover the damages unless flood coverage was specifically purchased for the property. However, instances of water damage due to plumbing failures or even leaks in the roof will likely be covered by a basic property insurance policy. Knowing the source of the water damage and the type of coverage that your policy provides can help you to plan to pay for this repair work.

Contact a water disaster restoration technician to learn more.