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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Lightning Protection

When storms begin to brew outdoors, many of us know how important it is to head inside to avoid getting struck by lightning. But is your office really that safe? Not without a proper lightning protection system in place.

Here are four reasons why your business would benefit from commercial lightning protection solutions before the next storm strikes.

1. Property Damage

A lightning strike can cause property damage in a variety of ways from fires spinning out of control to a strike causing the roof to collapse. Outside of how emotionally devastating it can be to watch your building begin to crumble from a sudden lightning strike, it can also be costly. 

Every day that you spend waiting for repairs to be completed will mean that your employees won't have a place to complete their tasks for the day. As such, preventing lightning damage is key to saving you stress down the line.

2. Hardware Damage and Data Loss

Many businesses use automated services to bypass human error and keep everything running smoothly. However, if your devices are damaged from an electrical surge during a storm, you may be unable to provide an adequate response to customers inquiring about their order status, wanting to upgrade their account, and so forth. 

In short, beyond the harm caused to your computers, a lightning strike could impact your business's professional image.

3. Building Security

Cameras and other security equipment can be shut down during a lightning storm and allow unauthorized people to enter your office without your knowledge. They could gain access to secure documents or steal personal belongings, and there would be no evidence to support your case. 

Lightning protection is essential for preventing an attempted break-in. 

4. Enhanced Employee Safety

A lightning strike can lead to electric shock and require that employees seek immediate medical attention. This could be as mild as an electric burn, or as severe as a heart attack. If you don't have the proper medical personnel on-site for treatment, a lightning strike could be fatal.

A lightning protection system can allow your employees to focus on fulfilling their duties without risking unnecessary bodily harm in the process, which will give your business the opportunity to thrive and let you create a stronger bond with your employees. 

Next Steps

Lightning protection offers a range of benefits from protecting your property and your business's reputation to increasing employee safety and satisfaction. Contact a lightning protection expert today to get the installation process started!