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Know The Signs Of Waterproofing Failure In Your Home

Although water has many uses in the construction industry, it can be an incredibly destructive force, especially inside buildings. That's why your home has a waterproofing system installed to protect it from water damage.  Waterproofing systems work by preventing water ingress in structurally vulnerable areas of a building. Different waterproofing products are required for waterproofing different parts of the building, so the failure of waterproofing in one part of the building may not necessarily mean the entire waterproofing system has failed. Read More 

The Advantages Of Investing In Home Fire Protection For Your Household

You must always be on guard to protect your house and family from disasters like fires. You need to invest in safeguards that will minimize the risk of fires and protect your loved ones and assets in your home. These safeguards can go beyond installing smoke detectors and having fire extinguishers on hand for people to use. Instead, you may find it better to invest in professional home fire protection services for your household. Read More 

The Top Importance Of Investing In A Home Energy Audit This Season

It can be easy to take your home's utilities for granted. After all, you just have to switch on the air conditioner when you get too hot. You also may think nothing of turning on the heater and letting the furnace run unchecked each winter. However, your heat and AC may get your attention when your utility bills run too high for you to afford reasonably. You may be able to curb those costs and maximize your utilities better with a professional home energy audit. Read More 

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Lightning Protection

When storms begin to brew outdoors, many of us know how important it is to head inside to avoid getting struck by lightning. But is your office really that safe? Not without a proper lightning protection system in place. Here are four reasons why your business would benefit from commercial lightning protection solutions before the next storm strikes. 1. Property Damage A lightning strike can cause property damage in a variety of ways from fires spinning out of control to a strike causing the roof to collapse. Read More 

What Damage Can A House Fire Cause?

A house fire is a scary event that can take lives and destroy everything you own. If your home was subject to a fire, you may be wondering about the extent of the damage. If you would like to know more about house fire damage, keep reading. Burned Items/Materials Of course, a fire can burn items and materials inside the house. Not only does this include your belongings, but it includes the actual house, such as: Read More